Tiny Tales from the Todalie Stories

Hi Todalie ( and Humphrey) fans,

Now that the podcast of our first Audiodrama for kids big and small is complete, we hope you all have been enjoying the drama and the music so far, and we would like to share some short stories with you over the next couple of months before we embark on the second full length tale in the Todalie Stories series which will be Todalie's own story.

It's a great story of intrigue, deception, skullduggery, friendships and heroism.... and that's all we're saying for now.

In the meantime keep an eye on iTunes, Podbean, Google podcasts, spotify etc. for these little tales which we think you will enjoy, no matter what what age you are!

If you're already following us and a subscriber to The Todalie Stories, that’s fantastic, we really appreciate it: if you've not already subscribed, please do, it means a lot, and if you're a literary agent or publisher looking for the next big thing, it's The Todalie Stories!

The Podcast is an abridged version of the full story; the manuscript is now available.

Thanks everyone.

James and Susan Blennerhassett