A Big Thank You!

Well, it’s been a really busy week since we launched The Todalie Stories and the response has been terrific. The Podcast is live on most platforms; still waiting for one or two but hopefully that will only take a few more days.

It’s been an amazing journey, composing the music and writing the stories, and although it’s taken a while, we finally got it together and out there into the big wide world. Setting up the website www.todalie.com and learning how to make a podcast has been a real eye-opener and we have both learned so much over the past few months.

Layliana’s Tale is the first in the series, The Todalie Stories, and we hope to introduce you shortly to many more of Todalie’s friends and make this one of the best podcasts for kids and adults.

A big thank you to you all for helping us to live our dream! It would be lovely if you could follow us as we go along and subscribe to our podcast platforms.

James and Susan Blennerhassett